Feb 10, 2019

Picnic At Hanging Rock

Join Andrew and Roy as they take a trip to Australia, land of poisonous...ants(?), as they discuss the mystery and enigma that is PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK.


Jan 20, 2019

Riding The Bus With My Sister

Once of the most infamous Hallmark Movies in history, we discuss (in what is our longest episode to date) how this film made us feel, if it deserves to be watched by others, and the questionable acting choices in this film. 


Dec 6, 2018

Robot Jox

Join our team of cult film vault explorers as they bring to light a film they feel deserves a bigger cult following than it currently has: the 1990 Stuart Gordon film ROBOT JOX


Nov 30, 2018

Podcast Past: Sassycast Reads Chuck Tingle

Before joining this show, host Roy Buckingham hosted another podcast called Sassycast. This cult hit was filled with laughs and sass, and this was the most famous episode of the entire series: A dramatic reading of a Chuck Tingle story. who knows, maybe this show may come back in the future. Enjoy!


Nov 20, 2018

Dot and the Kangaroo

It's our November episode, and the Thanksgiving Turkey is actually a kangaroo in this 1977 Australian box office/cable TV hit that spawn eight GOD DAMNED SEQUELS AND A TV SERIES?!?!?!


Oct 30, 2018

The Gay Deceivers

We look at the 1969 film The Gay Deceivers, a film that inspired a famous Vine meme, and wonder what is the point of this film exactly. 


Sep 26, 2018

Episode 5 : EVILSPEAK


One of the most notorious "video nasties" of all time. This film stars Clint Howard as a picked on student who discovers how to conduct a santanic black mass on his Apple II computer. A perfect product of the Satanic panic of the 80's and personally endorsed by Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey himself, this film probably will go down as one of our personal favorites we have reviewed so far. 


Aug 22, 2018

Myra Breckenridge

This infamous 1970 comedy based on a Gore Vidal novel is one of the most WTF experiences ever captured on film and released by a major studio. Raquel Welch as a post op transgender woman out to teach men a lesson and also shape Hollywood back to its' old ways. Nothing can prepare you for this journey. Nothing.


Jul 22, 2018

The Terror of Tiny Town

In this episode, which we must advise may offend some listeners due to the use of the word Midget so DO NOT SAY WE DIDN'T WARN YOU, we discuss the incredibly exploitive 1938 film THE TERROR OF TINY TOWN. 


Jun 29, 2018

The Kindred

For our second outting, we explore the 1987 forgotten horror gem The Kindred. A film rich in Lovecraftian lore, we break down why this film absolutely deserves more attention and why it is a perfect example of the gonzo 80's horror films. 


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